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RFID reader australia development

RFID reader australia development

RFID reader in Australia :  


Protrac iD initiated the development and manufacture of active RFID in Australia. Producing an extensive range of tags, readers and systems which are manufactured to International standards. Protrac iD continues to expand and refine the use of RFID by providing a multitude of innovative solutions. Leading RFID software and solution providers specify Protrac iD products to power active RFID solutions worldwide.  

2. lectro-Com

lectro-Com is Australia's leading and largest supplier of Radio Frequency Identification [RFID] equipment including RFID readers, cards, tags and antennas to various markets including, supply chain logistics management and retail, access control, automotive applications and animal/livestock identification.

RFID reader australia development

Electro-Com offers a complete range of RFID hardware products for a variety of solutions. We understand that matching the most appropriate technology to the application is crucial, that's why we offer professional engineering support.
  • Electro-Com are the appointed technical / hardware distributor for:
  • Texas Instruments TI-RFID™ Radio Frequency Identification & access control products (formerly known as TIRIS)
  • Balogh Hyper X™ Long Range technology
  • X-Ident IQ Paper™ Smart labels
  • Axcess ActiveTag™ Asset Management - RTLS
  • Secura Key™ Access Control
  • Brooks Automation™ RFID Readers & Transponders
  • Wavezero™ RFID UHF Transponders
  • Precision Dynamics Corporation RFID Wristbands
  • SALTO SYSTEMS RFID Networked Locking System
  • 2N Telecommunications 2N Helios Door Entry System
  • Wireless Dynamics WDI HF, NFC & LF SDiD Card readers
  • Aceprox Identifikationssysteme GmbH RFID Readers & Transponders
Each RFID application has individual requirements. Please contact us for a customised solution.  

Electro-Com offer RFID solutions for:
  • Access Control
  • Animal Identification
  • Airline Baggage Tracking
  • Document Tracking
  • EPCglobal Gen 2 UHF
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Parcel Identification
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Ticketing Applications
  • Event Management
  • Sports Timing
  • Vehicle Theft Protection
  • Vehicle/Transportation
  • Wireless Commerce
Electro-Com distribute a range of quality OEM reader modules to System Integrators, Value Added Resellers (VARs) & OEMs.  

Electro-Com have an extensive range of value-added RFID products, including:
Texas Instruments TI-RFID™ Texas Instruments has been a leader in the RFID industry since 1991 is the world's largest integrated manufacturer of RFID transponders and reader systems. Capitalising on its competencies in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics packaging, TI is a visionary leader and at the forefront of establishing new markets and international standards for RFID applications.

RFID reader australia development

Texas Instruments offers three different RFID technology platforms and a wide variety of tags, readers and antennas.  

TI-RFID™ RFID Platforms include:
  • Low frequency 134.2 kHz proximity technology
  • High frequency 13.56 MHz vicinity technology
  • Ultra high frequency (UHF) technology.
Transponder tags and cards can be read/only or read/write, offer choices in security features, and include a range of memory sizes.


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