Thursday, April 11, 2013

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iphone credit card reader in Australia

iphone credit card reader in Australia - From newspapers and magazines to scheduling and video games, everything is going mobile, including credit card processing. With a combination of mobile credit card processing apps, merchant services and a credit card swiper, you can easily turn your iPhone or other cell phone into a complete credit card terminal. With the right iPhone credit card reader you can have all the benefits of a credit card terminal (speed, security and scalability) without the restrictions (expensive and bulky). Take all the best elements of credit card processing and combine it with the versatility and portability of your smartphone, and you’ve got the best of both worlds in mobile credit card processing. Merchants know that accepting credit cards is one of the easiest ways to increase sales. Obviously accepting more payment types will increase sales, but it can also boost the amount of money customers are willing to spend on your merchandise. Research shows that accepting credit cards can increase the actual amount customers are willing to spend by up to 16 percent. So if you have a hotdog stand, customers who normally would just buy a footlong and a drink may now throw in a bag of chips if they can pay with their credit card.

iphone credit card reader in Australia

The benefits of using a credit card swiper are also clear: faster, more secure transactions that cost less than manually keyed-in transactions. Because the hardware adds security encryption and ensures a safe card-present transaction, the processing bank can transfer funds quicker and without as many security risks (which means they don’t have to charge you as much). Integrating a credit card swiper can save you money on each and every transaction by facilitating lower rates. Depending on your business, that saved amount can really add up quickly. The general principle to go by is that implementing a credit card swiper can save you up to 30 percent on the cost of processing credit cards, as opposed to simply running the transaction manually. The relatively small price for an iPhone credit card reader can easily be justified when you consider that it will pay for itself pretty quickly. There are several iPhone credit card readers available, from a number of sources. Some come from iPhone case manufacturers, others from merchant service providers. Some are tied to a specific app while others work nicely with multiple services. They vary in price, size, phone compatibility and usability. Here we take a look at the best Australian iPhone credit card readers currently available and consider their unique features and practical benefits for small businesses.

How to get iphone credit card in Australian


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